Friday, September 4, 2009

Show and Tell

Jake's teacher asked them to bring something that reminded them of the summer for their first "show and tell" today. Jake asked to bring his "diaper bag" that he received at his big brother training this summer. The bag contained baby items that he used in his training like his bear, a diaper, a bottle, a pacifier and a burp cloth. I was so excited that Jake wanted to take his big brother stuff to show the class and tell them about his new baby sister. However, when I picked him up today, his teacher shared with me that Jake gave the class a breast feeding presentation instead. He was very exact taking his bear, holding it to his chest, and telling them that "first you start with this breast, then you burp the baby, then you give her the other breast". All along he was demonstrating with his bear. He even told the class that you can pump milk, put it in a bottle and give it to daddy. He said "I didn't bring that because it is a big machine that is really loud". NICE! According to Mrs. Simmons, the kids loved it because they were hanging on his every word and YOU KNOW the teachers were enjoying it.

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