Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our Baby Girl!

Thanks to AMAZING technology, we were able to get some beautiful pictures of our Baby Girl. I have never done this before because i kinda feel like I am cheating. After all, you can totally see what she is going to look like! Jeremy's face shape, Kaden's lips, Jakes nose? this little girl going to look anything like mommy??? :) I decided to do it this time for the boys, particularly Jake that is very interested in all of the details. Kaden was interested for about 5 minutes then he was off to play with his batman toys...thank God I brought those! Jake was curled up beside me on the exam table asking all kinds of questions. It was extremely reassuring to hear the nurse say over and over that she looks GREAT. I was a little concerned about the cord being up near her face since we dealt with that issue when Jake was born, but the nurse totally made me feel better about it.
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