Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Saturday was a little cold for an Easter Egg Hunt but boy did we have fun! There were lots of eggs to be found and friends to enjoy. Kaden scored big with his strategy of parking his basket and running back and forth with his eggs. He had it all "figured out" this year. Unfortunately, the 4 year old group didn't go as smoothly. By the time we got to the field, all of the eggs had been found. You can only imagine how well this went over. Kaden was such a great brother and willingly split all of his eggs with Jake. On the playground, Jake opened all of his eggs and shared the candy with mommy, daddy and friends. (he gave mommy all of the Reese's because he knows they are my favorite). Kaden was not as into sharing his candy and managed to consume more than his allotted share. :)

Sunday we woke to a very rainy Easter. The Easter Bunny, aka Dr. Seuss, hid rhyming riddles that sent the boys on a scavenger hunt throughout the house until they found their treasure in our closet. Their Easter basket was filled with goodies but their favorite was the water guns! At first they were so sweet to shoot the mailbox, water the flowers, clean the car, until one of them got sprayed. Kaden looked at me with sad eyes and I replied, "don't look at me, get him back!" Then it was ON! They figured out it was much more fun to spray each other and spent an hour doing so.

Daddy has taken them to town lake for a run with their water guns. I can only imagine that lots of runners will enjoy a cool drench on their run today.

Happy Easter!

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