Monday, April 6, 2009

Family Camp--Camp Laity Lodge

We had another GREAT weekend at Laity Lodge. We were so fortunate to get to share the weekend with Mimi and Poppy, The Browns, & The Amorosas. The kids really enjoyed one another as well!

Things to remember:
1. Kids riding from cabin to cabin on their bikes. I can only imagine how special that freedom is for them.
2. Mom and Stacy confiscating desserts then using the "pregnant woman" as an excuse...ha!
3. Dom overcoming his fear of heights! yeah!
4. Kids playing in the river, chasing minnows, playing in the waterfall, and fishing.
5. Kaydee stealing the show.
6. Zachary motioning to Kaydee to follow trouble. :)
7. Kids wanting to go to the "Candy Club" not the Canyon Club.
8. Special devotion with friends and family.
9. Thanks Jeremy for always saying the group prayer and taking the pressure off the rest of us. :)
10. Mr. Mike FREEZING in the river.
11. Our group canoe one cried and no one tipped over...YES!
12. Watching our husbands mountain bike through the river.
13. Stacy shotgunning the lemonade then maddie telling us later that "her mommy hasn't done that since college". ha!
14. Jackson asking me "just where do you think your going?"
15. Jake having Maddie sleep over.
16. Kaden rarely leaving the seat of his bicycle. Everyone still refers to Kaden as LANCE.
17. Us looking forward to our next trip!

Thank you for the memories. We are so blessed that we could all have such a special weekend together! Love you!

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