Sunday, April 12, 2009

Baby Update--26 weeks

26 weeks and counting....
I am thrilled to almost be in my third trimester. Although, the boys and I have settled on a name, we can't get daddy to commit. COME ON DADDY...We have monogramming to do (right Amy?) :) No major complaints except that I wish I could stop eating sweets...darn. Why can't I crave veggies or fruit???? The boys are looking forward to a sibling class that they will do with their teddy bears at the hospital coming up in May. I am looking forward to a baby shower that my friends are throwing me in June. It is fun picking out pink and we can't wait for baby girl to get here!
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Amy said...

yes...monogramming to do:) maybe if i just start sending stuff with her name on it, jeremy will feel too bad to change it:):)