Monday, February 9, 2009

Riverbend Valentines Program

I am so incredibly proud of the boys today! They both performed in two different Sunday services at our church. It was Kaden's first time on stage and he did GREAT. I was pleasantly surprised that he wasn't screaming "MOMMY" from the stage. :) Jake did good as well and gets his "air guitar" moves from his father. Just in case you are having trouble spotting them...Jake is at the top right hand part of the picture and Kaden is in the bottom left.

A couple of things I want to remember about the kids ages:

1. Jake crawling in bed with me in every morning and saying "Mommy can we visit?" Then telling me all about his dreams.

2. Kaden loosing his balloon and just being so distraught over it. As much as Jake's balloon meant to him, he decided to give it to Kaden to make him feel better. So sweet.

3. Kaden is really scared of Monsters right now and reminds me every night to lock all of the doors and turn on the alarm before bedtime.

4. Kaden and his matter of fact way of discussing things with us. Actually, Mommy....

5. Kaden calling a fruit roll-up..."fruit throwups"

6. Jake calling dessert.... "bessert"

7. Kaden asking for a "nack" for snack.

8. Jake wanting to "earn" enough money for a pair of shoes I said no to buying. (I had already bought him one pair). Now he does extra chores around the house for $1 a day. I told him that once he earns $20 he can buy them. He is so excited about making his own money. Hopefully he will learn the value of a pair of shoes. :)

9. Our nightly dance sessions around the living room.

10. The boys saying their sweet sweet prayers at night.

11. Jake telling me that he was going to marry me when he grows up.

12. Kaden using his sweet manners when he doesn't "want" to do something I ask him to do. For example if I say "Kaden lets clean up your toys". He will respond, "no thank you". Cracks me up every time.

13. Kaden calling the remote control "the comote"

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Magda said...

Hey, Julie, I remember Jake would always say "comote" instead of remote, and Kaden would immitate him. One time I tried to correct them and they were so upset because I wasn't right, they were right! So funny!