Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our Trip to Houston

In January, we made a family vacation out of watching daddy run the Houston Marathon. We visited the Houston Aquarium on Friday night. The highlight was the Shark Train that we thought the boys would LOVE. You board a cute little train that takes you around the park then into a shark tunnel full of live sharks that swim all around you. TOTALLY freaked out both of the boys. They are still talking about getting eaten by sharks. :(

Saturday, we got to visit the Space Center and were joined by our good friend Coco and her two boys Charlie and Billy. We had a great time catching up and the boys enjoyed the four story kid space exploration playground. Jake and Kaden especially liked driving and coordinating the Mars Rover. (Have I mentioned that Jake's favorite channels are Discovery and History Channel?) One of his favorite documentaries that we have seen over and over is about the Mars Rover.

Saturday afternoon, we visited the Butterfly Museum where we got to watch a butterfly actually hatch from his cocoon. WOW! The highlight was identifying all of the different species of butterflies in the sanctuary.

Sunday, we got to cheer on daddy during the race. We were joined by Uncle David and Aunt Tracy. It was so much fun to navigate the course, hold up signs and spend time with them cheering on Daddy. The highlight for the boys was mile 24 where some saint of a woman gave them pretzels and donuts and we danced for all of the racers. Daddy finished with his Personal Record for Houston and we were VERY proud of him.

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