Sunday, January 11, 2009

Team Williford Adds a Player

Guest Post from Daddy Williford
Julie and I are so excited to be blessed with a little Girl due in July. We are also very blessed to have two wonderful boys that are truly best friends.

Julie has a had a rough first trimester to say the least. She has spent 3 months on the deck of 20 foot boat with 60 ft swells. She braved the storm with very little complaining but the daily nausea medication indicated her state of misery. As she turned the page into the second trimester the nausea subsided and then the Cedar Fever set in accompanied by a nasty cold which she still hasn't been able to shake. Through it all she has been a joy to be around and it is an inspiration to watch her brave the adversity with such a wonderful attitude.

Jake and Kaden are thrilled to be adding the baby to the mix. Jake has several technical questions about how the baby comes out and how it got there in the first place. Julie is currently fielding the tough ones. Kaden is turning 3 this month and is completely fired up about his Pump It Up party. As an early birthday gift he has 4 molars coming in, which has given us much needed practice of waking up through the night.

Lastly our 4 month house renovation is going on month 8. We are one tile shipment away from being able to finish up the job. we are definitely ready to enjoy our new rooms and decks but honestly the process has not been that painful (easy for me to say since Julie did all the work). now the bill on the other hand is painful.....

We are blessed by the Lord to be surrounded by family and friends that supply so much love and support.


Disclaimer: we initially thought we were having a boy due to a perfectly positioned cord on the first sonogram, on the second sonogram the baby gave us a view that indicated she was in fact a girl to which Julie and I shed tears of joy. things could change again so keep posted.

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Magda J said...

Hey Jeremy, I am happy for you guys! A baby girl will be such a joy and a new wonderful "experience" for you.

It was nice reading your post! Kisses for the whole family!