Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Sunday Funnies


How is potty training going? Well, Ill tell you how it is going. We were in the toy store the other day and kaden locked onto a massive digger/ dump truck. It was about $30 and I told him no way he was getting that truck. After about 15 minutes of crying, I thought.. um, maybe this is an opportunity. I said..."kaden, Ill tell you what. If you will poop in the potty, I will buy you this truck". Immediatly he dropped the truck, looked at me and said with his sweetest manners "no thanks mommy" then walked off. I was astonished! Needless to say, that potty training is not going very well. :)

Kaden's favorite phrase when I tell him to shape up "Okay, Okay Mr. Bossy!" (a line from Nemo..i just figured out)

Every morning without fail Kaden and I have this exact conversation. Never changes a bit.
Me: "Kaden, did you have sweet dreams"
KK: "uh uhh"
Me: "What did you dream about"
KK: "flowers"
Me: "Oh, what kind of flowers?"
KK: (this is where the answer varies) Either "pretty ones" or a certain color of flower

At California Pizza Kitchen, we were seated at a booth. jake was standing in his chair looking at the elderly couple in the booth next to us when we told him to turn around and sit down. He replyed.."why? I'm not going to tease them!"

Jake told daddy today in the car, "daddy you are so funny. you say funny things and do funny things. You are just really funny" I said, "is mommy funny?" He replyed " no, you are my LOVE". How sweet! I'll take that!

On a long car ride to East Texas, Jake and I were playing a game about all of the animals that live on a farm. When I tried to trip him up and say that monkeys lived on a farm. He quickly replied, "oh mommy, monkeys don't live on a farm. they live at the zoo!"

Jake told me today.."mommy, just trust me on this one. ok?" Cracks me up when he says something so grown up.

Both kiddos are doing great! Even though we are having our challenges with Kaden potty training, he is progressing. He keeps us laughing and loves big brother Jake. He is very independant and is really starting to enjoy trying new things. Today he went to Sunday school by himself without crying. Also today, He jumped into the pool by himself and swam all afternoon. He got a big boy haircut so all that is left is completing this potty training thing!
Favorite Toy: Cars and Trains
Favorite Movie: Polar Express
Favorite Food: Peas and Pizza Snacks

Jake is excited about going to gymnastics camp this week. It is half days with gymnastics and cooking. fun! He is also excited about our trip this week to CA. Jake keeps us laughing all of the time with his perspective on life and his grown up sayings. We are starting soccer in a couple of weeks and he is on a team with all of his best friends. Should be fun!
Favorite Toy: Planet Heros
Favorite Movie: Wall E
Favorite Food: Goldfish

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