Thursday, July 31, 2008

Puerto Adventuras, Mexico

We traveled to Mexico with my two best friends from college, Amy and Becca, and their families a few weeks ago. It was an amazing trip! Gosh, there are so many memories that I want to are just a few. What did I miss girls?

Digging for treasures,
snorkeling beers...ive never been so proud of our husbands , :)
the best steak ever,
jeremy and daniel celebrating their win,
building pyramids on the beach,
dinners on the rooftop,
beach volleyball,
mojittos at noon...thanks wade,
our iguana friends,
snorkeling..thanks for holding my hand amy!
the fish that attack,
oompa--spray tan gone bad,
amy's bike breaking down,
swimming with dolphins--watch your bathing suit,
spa ritual with my best buddies,
becca's travel book--im so impressed with organization!
Tina and Margaritta's cooking...yum,
Mindy and Mallory's surprises at night,
flip cup--girls, we have to get better at this,
the beach bet involving rocks? i can still hear daniel's sound effects.
making sand castles,
holy guacamole...everyday!
seeing all of our boys together..we have come a LONG WAY. :)

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