Sunday, May 25, 2008

Triathlon Season

Triathlon season has begun! Jeremy and I have both been "bitten by the bug". Our first triathlon of the season was CapTex Tri downtown Austin. We had the pleasure of swimming in Townlake :), biking around the capital, and running down Congress Avenue. What fun we had!

Metroplex Triathlon was our last triathlon. Thanks to my brother for coming out to support us at 6:00 am! It means so much to have someone cheering you on especially when the conditions were as rough as they were that day. The wind provided for a very rough swim. It was so bad that when my wave started, several people swam a few strokes and just quit! After nearly drowning...everything else seemed easy. I figured I was completely out of the race because I had wasted so much energy and time fighting the water. Turns out so did everyone else..Somehow, I managed to pull out 3rd place in my age group...go figure! yeah!

Although Jeremy's main focus is marathon training, he has impressed me this triathlon season. He is more comfortable in the water, stronger on the bike, and faster on the run compared to last season. My biggest challenge for him will be to hold him back from doing the big races at 100%. He has to keep focused on his big prize this year...Boston! His big race is the Portland Marathon on October 5.

We had the fortune of hooking two rookies so far this season. CapTex was Mindy's first tri and Metroplex was Brian's first tri. They both said that they were looking forward to the next one. My brother, after watching, said he would love to try one. Thanks to our friends and family that continue to support us in this crazy sport that means SO MUCH to us both!

ps...the picture on the top is Governor Perry.

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