Saturday, May 10, 2008

Just an Update

Jeremy has been extremely busy training in the mornings. His goal: Qualify for Boston! We are planning a trip to Portland Oregon for his first shot on October 5. He has THE BEST running coach, Meredith (also my run and swim coach). In between training and work, jeremy finds lots of time to spend with Jake and Kaden. On their "daddy date" the other day, he took them to The Workshop to paint mommy a coffee cup for mothers day. How do I know this? Jake CANT keep a secret. :)

Jake has really had a great month. Highlights: A new set of golf clubs and golf lessons from mommy, a school field trip to the zoo, a Mothers Day program where he got on stage and sang (Oh, I was so proud!), our first swim in the pool, and numerous play dates and birthday parties. Jake's biggest talent, STORYTELLING. Anyone that knows him knows what I am talking about. He will talk to anyone that will lend him and ear and has not one ounce of shyness in him. His favorite time of the day is bedtime when we tell stories, read stories and snuggle. We are reading the Magic Tree House series and he loves to pretend our bouncy house is a magic bouncy. We pretend that it will take you to amazing places after 10 jumps. His imagination is WILD!

Kaden gets the benefit of having a big brother that goes on cool field trips at school and has lots of fun 4 year old birthday parties to attend. He doesn't realize he is any smaller than Jake or his friends. The older girls, however, love to give him hugs and kisses and play mommy with him. Kaden has learned to just soak all of that attention up. He loves music and sings "Life is a Highway" from the Cars movie all of the time. His passions are still bugs, birds and anything outdoors. I wish I would have had my video camera today at Zilker park. There must have been 30 pigeons and Kaden would just run out in the middle of them and belly laugh as hard as he could. My favorite thing about him right now is when he wants to be held he says, "mommy hold you". Melts my heart!

As for me, I just finished up my work on the Environmental committee for Impact Austin, a philanthropic group that gives grants to Austin area non profit groups. I learned so much through the process and even found some non profits that I plan to give my volunteer time to in the future. Triathlon season is right around the corner so I am weight training and swimming twice a week. I have still found some time to squeeze in a little Golf and Tennis and I am planning to play in a women's golf group that meets once a week.

We have a busy summer with soccer, gymnastics, VBS, and swim lessons. I will have lots to report on the next blog I'm sure. :)

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