Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Kids Races Begin!

We signed Jake and Kaden up for their first Kids K race of the Season. The big Bouncy house, the Firetruck, seeing the helicopter land, meeting the pilot and the snow cones were all just a huge bonus to the race Jake had looked so forward to running. Kaden was excited until we got there and started pinning his number on his shirt. He would have none of it and was more happy cheering Jake on from the sidelines. :)

We were so proud to see Jake run the whole race, finish strong, and receive his blue ribbon at the finish line. I think we have another runner in the family!

Jake's vocabulary has really started to explode. We are now beginning to read chapter books together! The first book we read from cover to cover because it was so good. It took us 30 minutes all of which he was still and listening. When daddy got home he retold him the entire story. Storytelling has always been one of Jake's gifts. He can come up with the most creative, interesting stories to tell us.

We have been to a few "Princess" birthday parties over the past couple of weeks. Yesterday, I asked Jake what he wanted to do for his birthday party that is coming up. He replied, "I want to be the king and I want all my girls to be the Queens". Yep, it is starting early. Last night I was all dressed up for a date with daddy and Jake came into my room. He gasped and said, "Mommy, you look just like an Angel". Of course this totally melted my heart!

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