Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kaden has become such a big boy over the past few weeks. He loves to do everything outside and is really into BUGS. His passion at the moment is spiders, beetles, slugs, rollypollys, lady bugs, and especially worms and butterflies. We go on "Bug Safaris" in the front yard where we will explore, find, and let the bugs crawl up and down our arms. I think that Kaden especially could do this for hours. He isn't afraid of anything so I am trying to teach him the difference between good insects and bad ones. He loves going to the park, bouncing in his bouncy house, riding his motorcycle (he has NO interest in actually pedaling), having picnics in our front yard, riding bikes with mommy and daddy around the neighborhood and playing with the water hose. Yep, this is a mess but it is so fun! I can't wait until it gets a little warmer so that we can get in the pool. I think Kaden is really going to love the water this year.

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becca said...

gosh kaden's getting big! i can't wait to see yall! you're doing a great job with this blog!