Saturday, April 5, 2008

Howl at the Moon...Vacation Time!

Jake was so excited about our vacation to Great Wolf Lodge that he sat in his car seat for a full hour before we even left the house. It was everything that he had wished for too. We started out at the indoor water park that was wonderful because mommy and daddy didn't have to worry about sunscreen, hats, etc. Jake impressed me by doing all of the slides by himself this time. I forgot how scary water slides could be. I took him to the very top to do a slide that we could ride together on. How scary could it be if they let you ride together? OH MY GOSH! The whole ride down i was just waiting for him to be thrown out of that raft. When we got to the bottom he was so shocked that it took him several seconds to even blink or say anything. Then he replied..."Mommy, can we do that again?" I just died laughing! He is a thrill seeker for sure!

Kaden on the other hand was not fond of the water park. The downside of having an indoor waterpark is that it is LOUD. We forced him to go down a couple of small slides thinking "if he does it once, he will love it". NOT THE CASE...remember the scene from "A Christmas Story" where the boy stops in the middle of the slide and says "I WANT MY RED RYDER BB GUN!"? KK did a total reenactment of that scene. We pushed him down a winding slide and he stopped in the middle of the slide no no. Daddy had to go get him. Every time we even walked into the park with him, he started saying..."home, home, home". We are going to try again in 6 months. His favorite activity was the Arcade Room.

Other favorite activities from the trip were the Log Cabin in our room, the MagiQuest Game (an amazing scavenger hunt with Magic Wands all over the 8 floors of the hotel), visiting the willifords, playtime with Reese and Quinn, dinner with Davey and Tracy, riding Thomas the Train at the Grapevine Railroad, Lunch at the Gaylord...yeah, we did it all!

Memorable Moments:

Jake picking up the hotel phone before going to the water park and saying.. "Hello, yes we are about to go do something AMAZING...OK BYE BYE. Lets go Mommy and Daddy"

Kaden taking his only nap from 5-6 then laying in bed with us at 9 singing "Moon, Moon, Moon" at the top of his lungs and laughing while Jeremy's and i tried to sleep on either side of him. Sounds cute now.

Jake and Reese getting so excited to hear the Wolves Howl which meant that the waves were about to start in the wave pool then surfing through the pool on their tubes.

There was a bunk bed in the kids cabin and jake wanted to sleep on the top. I told him that the hotel rule was that you had to be 5 years old to sleep at the top and he is only 3. The next day Daddy was pretending with jake and said " you sleep on top and I will sleep on bottom." Jake said, "silly daddy, I can't sleep up there. I'm only 3!"

Kaden sharing his dancing moves on the dance machine in the arcade room.

Kaden's new phrase.."mommy see?" "daddy see?" when he wants us to watch some trick he is about to perform.

Freezing to death the morning of Thomas the Train. Thank goodness both of the boys are obsessed with Thomas. Otherwise it would have been really miserable.

The four of us sitting on our balcony watching a beautiful sun set at the end of the day. Jake and Kaden sat there and enjoyed it just as much as we did!

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