Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Break

Spring Break was full of lots of fun activities from Rodeo Austin to the Dinosaur Park in Bastrop. Our favorite activity of the week was the Rodeo, of course. The boys are now cowboys. Jake drew a crowd with his dancing for the mariachi band and Kaden's favorite part was seeing the pigs..."oink, oink, oink". We broke down and bought them cowboy hats expecting them to wear them for five minutes and shed them. Jake hasn't taken his off except to sleep and today's agenda is to buy him some cowboy boots. He hasn't stopped asking for them since Saturday. I guess that I am in for a summer of him wearing shorts and boots everywhere.

Kaden is starting to potty train! YEAH! He has really been doing great over the past few days. I am going to have a "Potty Party" for him where all of his friends bring him underwear as gifts (that I wrap and distribute) and a cake with a potty on it. My friend Rhonda did this and it worked like a charm! His favorite toys are his computer and puzzles, favorite food is Whole Foods Mac and Cheese or Amy's Spinach Pizza Snacks, favorite activity is the obstacle course that I invent in the front yard every evening, and favorite parent is daddy....really! :)

Jake keeps us laughing with his "Jake-isms". He told the babysitter the other day that the sound of the dishwasher beeping was his cell phone. She said "no, that is the dishwasher". Jake was very persistent in explaining "no, that is my cell phone". After a few back and forths, Jake finally said, "I am JUST PRETENDING Miss Leslie". He also showers us with love constantly. He loves to snuggle and tells me all of the time that "You are the best Mommy in the whole wide world"......it doesn't get any better than that! He has such a giving spirit and is a great big brother to Kaden. Jake's favorite toys are his computer and his bike, his favorite food is PBJ, his favorite activity is the obstacle course.

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Cute boys!!