Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Egg Hunting

It is official, my kids are high maintenance when it comes to Easter Egg hunting. Today we went to the Egg Extravaganza at their school. When it was time for the Easter Egg hunt we were lead to this huge field full of Easter eggs. While all of the other kids are filling their baskets as fast as they can, mine are selectively choosing each egg that is put in their basket. They both know that it is QUALITY not QUANTITY. Jake will pick up each egg and shake it. If it sounds like a soft, marshmallowy peep inside he carefully places it back onto the ground. If he hears a piece of chocolate shaking around inside it is good enough to go into his basket. Kaden on the other hand will only choose the blue eggs off of the lawn for his basket. These two kids crack me up!

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