Tuesday, February 19, 2008

To Do List: Run 26.2 Miles

Our Marathon season is over...yeah!

My personal goal this year was to run the Dallas Half Marathon, Houston Full Marathon, and Austin Half Marathon. I had a few hurdles this year in training...a stress injury a month before Houston, kids that don't sleep through the night, just to name a few. I am so proud to say that I finished all three races this year and completed my goals despite the challenges. After all, what is a marathon without challenges....boring right?

Jeremy did something that I can safely say I will NEVER do. He completed all three of the mentioned full marathons within 3 months of each other! Jeremy trained in the mornings by himself at 5 am. I am so impressed by the work ethic and tenacity of my husband. To be at each finish line to give him a huge hug was by far the highlight of my season. His PR was in Houston this year with a finishing time of 3:42!! Wow!! Next step....Qualifying for Boston.

Jeremy and I are both excited about starting our Triathlon training in March! We are happy to take some time off of distance running. :)

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