Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kaden Turns Two

I can't believe that Kaden is two. He is growing up so much too fast! He sleeps in his big boy bed, is starting to potty train and calling his daddy "J". What is that? I love that he adores and challenges his big brother "Jase". He and Jake get along so well and love to play doctor, trains, hide and seek, and ride bikes outside. My favorite thing about him right now is the burst of energy he gets every night before bed. At some point during the night he will just jump up and run all over the house turning flips, bouncing off of furniture, climbing over whoever gets in his way. It lasts for a few minutes and then he is ready for bed. Also, sometimes instead of falling asleep in his big boy bed, he will crawl up into his rocking chair to sleep. The first time this happened, my heart dropped when I looked into his room and his bed was empty. It took me a few seconds to find him in the dark curled up in his rocking chair. It was oh so cute! He always keeps us laughing!

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