Saturday, February 23, 2008

Flying High

Today was probably one of the most beautiful days I have ever seen in Austin. We spent the entire day enjoying it and didn't miss a beam of sunlight. We spent the morning at Rylan's birthday party bouncing with friends, playing in snow (that was great Lynette!), and eating pigs in a blanket (kaden's new favorite food). Afterwards, we met Mimi and Poppy for playtime at the park, lunch and yes, the KITE FESTIVAL. This is a much smaller version of the one at Zilker and was perfect for the kids. We got to make our own kites....ok....Mimi made the kites, but we sure had fun flying them. Jake loved seeing Poppy fly his high in the sky. Both boys loved running and being chased by their own kite flying behind their back. We had to keep reminding them to raise the hand holding the kite high so that the string wouldn't get tangled in their legs. At one point, Kaden just ran with both hands above his head so that he wouldn't forget.

Kaden is now singing his ABC's. Only a couple of letters are audible, but still I am impressed. Since his tubes were replaced a couple of weeks ago, his speech has really exploded. He just started putting two words together.

Jake is learning the days of the week and how to spell his name. He can pick out all of the letters of his name and recognize several others in the alphabet. He is also learning to read the digital clock and recognize all of his numbers.

ps...i took these with my iphone. Wish i would have had my Nikon!

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:)becca said...

looks like so much fun....let's play soon!!